Down the Sunnyside lane

by The Mor(R)ons

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"Down the Sunnyside lane" is a sort of punk-rock-opera; blending a mixture of skatepunk, punkrock and hardcore, it features a story flowing through individual tracks to form an image of the worlds possible and uncertain future, set in a "nuclear fallout" post-apocalyptic scenario.

The album was written, composed, recorded, mixed and mastered in just under a year and a half and released on July 14th, 2012.

All songs written by The Mor(R)ons.
Produced by The Mor(R)ons and Žiga Rezar.
Recorded in Studio Rojas, Kranj, Slovenia.


released July 14, 2012

All songs written by The Mor(R)ons.
Naration on "The Vault" and "Love & other disasters" by Petra Ajdovec.
Produced by The Mor(R)ons and Žiga Rezar.
Recorded in Studio Rojas, Kranj, Slovenia.




The Mor(R)ons Kranj, Slovenia

The Mor(R)ons are a four-piece punkrock band from Kranj, Slovenia. They started out sometime between
2002 and 2005, nobody knows for sure. They toured across Slovenia, some of Europe, released 2 albums, 1
EP and one split album and shared the stage with bands like Ten Foot Pole, Atlas Losing Grip, Hog Hoggidy
Hog, etc. They like beer. Everything else is another story.
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Track Name: Superstate Manifesto
Good morning, gentlemen, it’s nice to see your faces again,but please try to understand. There is no motivation for your participation, this is how shit stands.We will take you over and rape your land,we’re gonna burn your symbols down.Your people will suffer, but in the end you will help us rule it all. But let us warn you by the way, you might get stabbed or silenced any other way, but as long as you do as you’re fucking told, at least you’ll die for something worth dying for. Cause what does not kill you makes us stronger, the thing that does, even more. Your people will suffer, but in the end you will help us rule it all.
Track Name: Love and other disasters
They ran for shelter as the buildings collapsed, grabbing whatever supplies they could. Some prayed for help out of this mess, but I doubt if He would. She grabbed the first thing close to her, in that moment it was his hand that found itself in that time that place, back then she couldn’t understand that he would be the closest thing she would have left. Showing emotions other than fear is hard when the cealing might fall down any moment. They stared quietly in eachothers eyes and read eachothers minds that said in a calming tender voice: "You’re not alone." Lights started fading out, all that was left were cries of devastation and despair, and right before the walls came crashing down she whispered in his ear... thanks for being here.
Track Name: Good morning, Sunshine
It seems like the blindfolded are leading the blind. How can you sleep your whole life and never wake up? Even nightmares have a safety switch. Bad news, Sunshine, you’re living one. The signs are obvious, but their meaning troubles us. No one believes a no-one even when he tells the truth. I know it’s comfy and warm, and ignorance is bliss. But just imagine all the things you’re capable of. I think they hoped it wouldn’t come to this, so just for once listen to that ringing alarm clock and open your eyes. It feels great when you’re sitting outside, the sun warming your skin, but no action - no reaction is a rule forgotten still. I hope you’re fine and dandy, Sunshine - tomorrow it may all be gone. The signs are obvious, but their meaning troubles us. No one believes a no-one even when he tells the truth. Can’t help you out if you won’t listen, can’t help you if you won’t listen, now you’re on your own.
Track Name: The Prophet
So what if the bearded man in the cave was right? You didn’t stop, you didn’t think, you didn’t turn your life around, or burn it to the ground. Shave it off, dress it up, give it a fancy name, and all of a sudden it’s your local anchorman. It’s somebody you believe, and somebody you trust, and whatever he promotes is a must. And if he says you’ve got to go to war, you won’t resist, cause it means more - more jobs, more income and more security. Fuck them all, as long as there’s prosperity. But did the god you pray to each night tell you about the things to come? Or are you blinded by the burning flags, by the gas station prices? By America is great? By democracy and faith? By the so-called prophet? By social control? Let there be war.
Track Name: The Survival
Take one last good look at the sun, at the sky, at the hills and at the sea, and say goodbye to the burnt out pages of a children’s book. And carry those images forever in your heart and always remmember to let them play their part, so you may pass the stories to the Lucky ones, who will never know what they’ve missed, and give them something to help them start. But for all we know they might be better off, though physically confned, there’s no one to bring them down. No mind control devices and at least for now no wars. No prophet can define what exactly waits in line. A challenge lies ahead, there is no second chance, take previous mistakes with morals you’ve just learnt. You’ll hope that that’s enough, but soon it might get tough, knowing there was a pretty big world outside. But access denied, all symptoms collide, the weight pressing down, please step back in line. Create. Sustain. Divide. Denied.
Track Name: Scavengers
Supply and demand, the words of a former government,there’s no such thing anymore. When the supplies all ran out, a shadow of doubtcame over them, will the be able to survive?Among the toxic winds of radiation dust, a dozen figures struggle.Searching for a place to safely spend the night, before an empty handed return.Constant chills running up and down their spine,gripped, pressured endlessly. Nervous breakdowns are as commonas their breath, but that’s just how it is when surrounded by nothing but death.They’d rather die, out in the dust than have to facethe look upon the faces of their sonsand their daughters, all the starving ones.
Track Name: Underground Chronicles
A spark of hope ignited and filled the caves like a nuclear blast,as a couple anounced the greatest news. For just a moment,the desperation was gone, anxiety and optimism gently landed on the crowds of the underground world.All were like one, there shone a brand new sun, darkness was gone. Society was gifted with it’s first born son and all the cheers were doubled as he was not the only one.The twins were celebrated, the Lucky ones were gods,a manifest of hope itself as the crowd united walks.He would be the leader, and she would heal their wings,and all these rotten board games seemedmuch easier at least.And their whole world was singing.May you lead us to freedom, from the heal that weunleashed upon ourselves. May you take us somewherewe belong, instead of a cupboard of forgotten shelves.We can hear the victory bells, melodies of wishing wells,someday we shall overcome for you are the lucky ones.
Track Name: Down the Sunnyside lane
The shinning sun has never been this bright, when you finnaly said goodbye to the everlasting night, Hungover from the intoxicated life,you finally gripped the united knife. You’ve seen it all before,but you can’t remmember where. It’s a thing you can’t ignore,but you keep a faded stare. A deja vu, or a warning callin what used to be a solution factory.Took you a while to whipe that hypocrit’s smile from the facesof your presidents. It took some time to nudge that state ofmind, now go prosper, live and ascend.Rebuild your future that declined from it’s original designs,embrace the past but watch out for the signs. Repetition withvariety is a trick buried deep under the lies they told and thesecrets they still keep. The biggest revolution has finally begun,compared to 2-11 wall street, you occupied the Sun.No more red and blue white stomping on the dark,but events of centuries past still left a mark.But like violence kills the silence, eventually it also kills the shouts,eradicates all doubts, it all gets way to loud.The blaze gets a driver and we’re right back at the start,Going down, down past the ground, down the Sunnyside lane.
Track Name: Undertakers
Undertakers of the underground, taking control. I heard some voices whispering, they convinced themselves - it’s all too beautiful, it’s all too calm. Hiding and conspireing, they had a secret plan. There are no miracles, we don’t belong. Deviants, thugs and bad comedians, couldn’t find their flace beneath the ground. Burried in regret, they think they’d better be off dead. Socially disfunctional without a system to be found. Soon the planning turned to action, petty crimes and theft,
it wasn’t beautiful, it was not calm. Their revolt grew stronger, no longer just a threat, destroying miracles, crippling hope. Took a living, took a man’s life, growing stronger, refusing to be stopped. Shedding blood and tears, becoming constant fears. Rapists, thieves and murderers,
dictators and crooks.
Track Name: Clean Slate
We travelled round in circles and were lost in time,
but somehow we pushed through and kept our heads.
Rebuilding monuments and built some of our own,
too keep our self-destructing thoughts at bay.
Digging out of ruins of our own decay,
raising stakes through our illusions of where we wouldn’t stay.
Swearing an oath to ourselves we’d never let the history repeat.
Evolve and break the barriers in our heads, holding humanity back
in middle ages no matter the times.
Shake off these chains and use them to build a home, for generations
of children to live happily in peace.
We landed on the doorstep of utopia and finally lived the life of our dreams.
We didn’t have a single care in the world, a dream society was finally there.
Discarding chances of this happening again,
standing united like brothers, standing united as men.
Track Name: Reprise
Good evening, gentlemen, bare with me for a second or ten.
All will soon pass, so don’t worry about the rest,
well it’s not like you can think much anyway.
Most of you who stayed will soon be out of way.
The others we’ll enslave, they’ll never see the light of day.
We will take you,
out and about, no need to scream and shout.
We will prevail, no chance for you to bail.
Little by little,
one by one,
you will all burn down.
Little by little,
one by one,
you will all burn down.