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Healthy Selfishness EP

by The Mor(R)ons

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have you ever found yourself in a song? I don’t really care even if it was mine you cannot feel what someone felt you cannot be what others are ever fell in love with someone just because he talks as you she thinks as you would cannot find your love in someone else blinded by the ego that he has captured in a yard with mirror fence and it’s sad people are looking for resemblance as if life wouldn’t be boring enough why does everybody despise and ignore differences that make us alive i saw it’s safe to be the same when my friends trying, trying to explain trying to explain me why it’s safe and right to be te same
On our own 03:07
north winds again has come upon we’re on our own to stand be strong you can’t believe there is someone to put you up until until there’s none have you ever honestly sacrificed yourself would you ever honestly die for someone else is there a heart hard as a stone to turn away, we’re cold as clay we’re all the same father of mine, for you my love I wouldn’t die you wouldn’t love
Kids 02:34
killing worms, afraid of storms stepping on ants, still wetting pants crying out loud, they scream and shout not feeling small, getting lost in mall most of them even think that a stork brought them to mom and dad they think santa will find out if they don’t behave that’s not so bad without bike skills, they won’t eat meals they’re often sad, when time for bed can’t multiply, always ask why play with their toys, girls don’t like boys and vice versa their parents think they’re having fun when they watch cartoons sunday morning yeah they might have fun yeah they might have fun yeah they might have fun but I still think they’re dumb and so are you
captured in a vacuum box with painted beaches on the walls and on the ceiling endless skies and on the ceiling endless skies with such convincing visions of our nowhere welcomed dreams everybody’s laughing at our misbeliefs but what they live in is the same sad thing and no one can escape every single mole out there you’re all bound to suffer anyway and when the darkness turns on us it’s when we change the walls our mind has it’s own life inside our mind has it’s own life inside hey we aren’t the last ones in this game in this race we are the trailers of mind’s space so shake it’s hand cause in the end we aren’t here to pretend
it’s not us that don’t walk right it’s the world that turns wrong side it wasn’t me it wasn’t you not letting us to grow it’s gravity you know love is limitless we did our best to pass the test why can’t the world catch it’s own trap dug for our bad it’s not our fault heroes are gone cheating’s controlled by the big one we haven’t called for floods and quakes I blame those holy fucking saints sometimes I feel ignored by you but now you know it isn’t true he catches every word you send and burns it to te end and then he ravels your defeat and my life so incomplete but I guess we can’t change that we’ll have to meet behind his back
the taste of yesterday is gone the last of the butterflies have left my womb I hope there’s still enough to end this song as much as I hate to admit we found the gold, we waste it all I know we learned something just from being wrong I swear we’ll do our best, for what for what comes next the world is in good hands I swear we won’t forget the past a new beginning is ahead we march like soldiers determination in our backpacks the bridge is tall, the river wide we have the reason to believe just keep on climbing don’t look down horizon’s bright, don’t turn around
I for once would agree that all the things I’ve done never appeared quite as they should but a couple hours back was just too late to realise whatever I’ve done it’s all left behind somewhere in an old dusty corner of my mind but sometimes when I start it all again it’s all I really am all I ever was and all I will become can anything be done that wouldn’t fit this fucked up copy/paste world
what a wonderful day outside but I’m grounded what have I ever done to you, hope? I can’t even let you down like you do best the worst part of the prison is the view, and the thought of being free again but uncerteanty of knowing when feels like the key is gone one hundred metaphores could be included to help you understand or just a hint that the one comes in the end we can’t stop believing in legends even though the truth will never be revealed can’t turn my head away from you for I’m scared that when I will you will be gone the same with dreams when you let go and you forget it will come by


"Healthy Selfishness" is the bands first OFFICIAL release. It's an 8 song EP, formed into a fake audiobook on self-improvement. Needles to say, The Mor(R)ons are in no way qualified to write such a guide, so the creation only features a short introduction to a little less than half an hour of musical delusion and madness.


released October 23, 2009

All songs written by The Mor(R)ons.
Produced by The Mor(R)ons and Klemen Bohinc.
Recoded in AUDIO PP13 studio in Križe, Slovenija in 2009.




The Mor(R)ons Kranj, Slovenia

In it's current form since 2005, The Mor(R)ons are a speed-driven punk rock band from Kranj, Slovenia. Though sometimes lacking in basic knowledge of how the world works, the band has thus far released three full-length albums and shared the stage with bands like Nofx, Mad Caddies, Useless ID, Ten Foot Pole, Atlas Losing Grip,Hog Hoggidy Hog, Bad Cop/Bad Cop and more. ... more

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